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Exploring the voje valley and mostnica gorge

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

It is not all about summiting mountains and traversing stunning ridgelines as I have had some of the most enjoyable days exploring what you can do in the valley. There is no need to have to go too far or too high to enjoy the wonderful surroundings. This is a beautiful walk which is easy to moderate and takes about 2hrs 30 minutes to reach the Mostnica waterfall at the far end of the Voje valley.

All you have to do is lace up your shoes or boots and turn left as you leave Sublime Escapes, a right hand turn over the 1st bridge and veer left. The road takes you up past Zois Mansion and you can take a few moments to draw breath as you peer over the edges of Devils Bridge. There is a lovely folk tale about how the bridge was created, but it actually made the transport of iron ore and charcoal from the surrounding areas to foundries along the Mostnice much easier. Stara Fužina means old iron foundry and this area made iron between the 8th and 16th century. The view down into the limestone gorge to the Mostnica can make your head spin but it is worth a little bit of vertigo to see it. Crystal clear water on a limestone river base makes for the most amazing pools.

You have a short climb up to the path that splits to your right-hand side running along the edge of the gorge. This path takes you up to the entry point and from April – October there is a small entry fee of €3 each for adults. This helps with preservation work and maintenance of the area. You can also pick up a leaflet here or just take one from the apartment with you.

Along the gorge path you continue seeing some amazing pools and rock formations. Keep a look out for the Elephants Head! You have another ascent up from the gorge turning right onto the single track road and within a few meters you come across the Voje Mountain Hut. Here you can stop for refreshments before you head up through the Voje valley. As the Chief Sublime Escapes treat researcher, I have done my homework and can recommend the blueberry pie or the apple pie.

The walk up through the valley is beautiful and having done it in all seasons, I can’t quite decide which is my favourite. All of them. In the springtime cattle graze on the pastures before being moved up to higher ground for the summer and back down in the late Autumn. In the summertime the pasture is cut for hay and is dotted with the most amazing number of wildflowers. Between the sound of bees and the cow bells in the summer you will enjoy a very relaxing background soundtrack. In the winter it can be peaceful, snowy and pristine. This week, in mid January, there is no snow, but the sun is shining so walking up to the waterfall was uplifting.

Once you make it to Slap Voje snack bar, you are nearly at the waterfall. In the summer months the snack bar is open and offers another refreshment stop on your walk. Looking back down the valley from the terrace lets you appreciate the grandeur of the scenery and a window into rural life in this amazing Alpine setting. One last push up to the waterfall for a rewarding view. Depending on the weather this can be a full flowing torrent or a gentler fall with another crystal pool below.

Now it is time to retrace your steps back down the valley but this time, when you arrive back at the Voje Mountain Hut you can carry on down the road and enter into Stara Fužina from a different direction. Head right down to the car park and pass through taking a left turn at the water trough and follow the road to the end. There is a path on the left hand side that leads to steps back down to the edge of the Mostnice river where you turn right and only have a few meters more to get back to Sublime Escapes.

You can also come back down the same way after the Voje Mountain Hut and once you cross back over Devils Bridge there is a path on the right hand side which is a slight deviation and leads you along the watercourse popping out again downstream. A right hand turn takes you back to 1st bridge and bear left back to Sublime Escapes. A very satisfying way to enjoy the beauty of nature right from the doorstep of the apartments, while getting a dose of fresh air, exercise and most importantly some local cake treats!

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