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Micro-adventure - Climbing Mt. Rodica

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

With my favorite hiking partner back in town after her recent trip to Scotland and the weather gods gifting us a perfect Spring day we decided to set off into the mountains with the goal being Mount Rodica.

Leaving the house just after 7am we walked down to the bridge and crossed into Ribcev Laz where Lake Bohinj looked like a postcard so we paused for a quick picture and Ali seized the opportunity to add a layer to fend off the morning chill.

As we made our way up the other side of the valley the extra layers came off quickly and after 2hrs of steady hiking we were above the snow line, finally emerging into Suha meadow, which was bathed in morning sunshine. We took a short break to sun ourselves, fit crampons and take on some water and snacks then it was time to tackle the steep snow slope out of the meadow to the ridgeline above.

It was hard going in places with deep snow but after a steady push we were on the ridge enjoying 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains and the valleys below. From there we made our way along the top eventually arriving at the foot of the southern approach to Rodica. As we ascended the summit ridge we watched on as a group of skiers tackled the steep face, descending gracefully into the valley below.

After 5hrs of steady effort we were finally standing on top of Rodica and took a moment to enjoy the vista and take a few pictures before descending the opposite ridge into the steep gully below. Arriving back in Suha meadow we stopped briefly to chat with some locals who were sunning themselves and enjoying a leisurely lunch. After accepting a quick shot of schnapps to warm the cockles (and numb the legs which were feeling pretty weary by this stage) we continued on down into the valley finally arriving back at Ribcev Laz around 3.30pm, more than 8hrs after our original departure.

Once back in civilization Ali had a craving for ice cream but after seeing the queue stretched around the corner we settled for a cold beer back at the house. What an epic day.... after living in Dubai for the past few years, having the mountains on our doorstep is incredible and reminds us both why we chose to move here! For some reason a beer always tastes better after a strenuous day on your feet.

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